August 2020 Shows presented by Hertfordshire local theatre and musical groups

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Important: Some of these shows may be fully booked in advance. You should always contact the Box Offices to confirm dates and times, and reserve seats before travelling.

Wednesday 5
to Sunday 9 August
Pendley Open Air Shakespeare Festival
The Comedy of Errors
Pendley Manor

Two sets of twins, two sets of mistaken identity. One of Shakespeare’s most confusing and farcical comedies is set in a world of chance, luck, and roulette tables....

Wednesday 12
to Sunday 16 August
Pendley Open Air Shakespeare Festival
Pendley Manor

Welcome to our Thatcherite state, where this fearless leader has to decide where their allegiance lies. With the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer, which side will you support in our modern day setting of this classic Roman tale?...

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