April 2017 Shows presented by Hertfordshire local theatre and musical groups

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Important: Some of these shows may be fully booked in advance. You should always contact the Box Offices to confirm dates and times, and reserve seats before travelling.

Friday 21
to Saturday 29 April
Barn Theatre Club
The Matchgirls
Barn Theatre, Welwyn
Friday 21
to Saturday 29 April
web page Pump House TC
Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis by Charlotte Jones
Pump House, Watford

A retiring dominatrix is having a birthday party but is in no mood to celebrate. Her cleaner, obsessive-compulsive Martha, can't pry herself away from her Mr. Sheen, the Chinese Elvis who looks the part but hasn't quite learned the words. Lionel, Josie's most satisfied customer, is there to make sure everything goes off with a bang!...

Friday 21
to Saturday 29 April
web page Company of Ten
The Ride Down Mt Morgan
Abbey Theatre, St Albans

When Lyman Felt is hospitalised after a serious car accident, he wakes to find both his wives at his bedside. Theo and Leah had no idea they were married to a bigamist, and Felt finds himself in the impossible position of having to explain his actions....

Monday 24
to Saturday 29 April
Hertford Dramatic & Operatic Society
56th Hertford Theatre Week
Hertford Theatre (formerly Castle Hall)
Monday 24
to Saturday 29 April
web page FFBOS
Sweeney Todd
Dugdale Centre, Enfield

Sweeney Todd encounters the eccentric Mrs Lovett whose meat pies are renowned as being the worst in London. The two strike a partnership with Sweeney’s newly opened barbershop taking residence above Mrs Lovett’s pie shop. From being the worst pies in London, Mrs Lovett’s pies are soon the talk of the town with business booming. However, a dark secret clouds the story behind their newfound success....

Tuesday 25
to Saturday 29 April
web page St Albans Musical Theatre Company
Alban Arena, St Albans

Highly irreverent parody of the Arthurian Legend, featuring shennanigans including a line of beautiful dancing girls, a flatulent Frenchman and killer rabbits. Outside, there is plague with a 50% chance of pestilence and famine....

Tuesday 25
to Saturday 29 April
web page Potters Bar Theatre Co
Wyllyotts Theatre
Wednesday 26
to Saturday 29 April
Big Spirit Youth Theatre
Legally Blonde
Queen Mother Theatre, Hitchin
Thursday 27
to Saturday 29 April
Hoddesdon Players
Yes, Prime Minister by Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn
Spotlight Theatre (formerly Broxbourne Civic Hall)

Prime Minister Jim Hacker and his Cabinet Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby are back, spinning out of control through the collapsing euro and austerity measures in a world of 24 hour news, Blackberrys and ‘sexed up’ dossiers. With the country on the brink of financial meltdown the PM is staring disaster in the face with his only apparent salvation in a morally dubious deal with the Foreign Minister of Kumranistan. Will Jim Hacker and his team of advisors be able to rescue the country from the...

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